When it comes to building your personal brand and getting recognized professionally, having a great headshot is incredibly important. We all know that first impressions count, and since your headshot is the first thing people see when they learn about you, it needs to be above par. That’s why it’s important to choose the right poses for your headshots.

Selecting the right pose for your headshots can be a daunting task. Every angle and gesture can have a huge impact on how people perceive you. That’s why it’s important to get it just right! In this article, we’ll look at 5 tips for choosing the right poses for your headshots. 

Tip 1: Consider Your Body Type

The first thing you should consider when selecting poses for your Headshots is your body type. Different poses may work better with different body types, and you should know how the pose can flatter or detract from your figure. For example, if you are tall and thin, you may want to look for poses that add width to your shoulders or chest.

On the other hand, if you are short and stocky, try poses that downplay the size of your torso. Additionally, if you have any features you want to bring out or minimize, make sure they are highlighted or downplayed accordingly in the pose.

Tip 2: Select the Right Facial Expression 

Another important factor when deciding on poses for your headshot is facial expression. Your facial expression can be just as important as your body language when it comes to conveying a message in your headshot. Ideally, you want to choose an engaging, approachable, and confident expression.

It’s important to express who you are in terms of personality and professionalism through a single facial expression to give potential employers an accurate representation of yourself. 

Tip 3: Choose Poses That Showcase Genuine Emotion 

While having a professional image in your headshots is important, it’s also important to let some emotion shine through. People connect with genuine emotion and expressions, so choose poses that show off some emotion while still keeping it professional. You want to avoid looking too smiling or forced in any way, as this will give people the wrong impression of who you are as a person and a professional. Instead, focus on finding a balance between genuine emotion and a polished look. 

Tip 4: Pose with Purpose 

When selecting poses for your headshot, make sure they have a purpose. You don’t want any pose to be too stiff or stiff-looking, which can sometimes happen when posing too long in one pose or not making any adjustments. Instead, opt for poses that have natural movement and add interest to the image overall.

You may even want to practice different poses a few times before settling on one particular pose for your headshots so that it looks comfortable and natural when photographed. 

Tip 5: Have Fun! 

Above all else, have fun selecting poses for your headshots! Nowadays, more than ever, people are becoming creative with their headshots by adding props or changing up their wardrobes to convey certain messages about themselves. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks until you find something that speaks to who you are as a person and professional! 

Why posing matters

Posing for a headshot matters for many reasons:

  • Professionalism: A professional headshot will help create a consistent and polished look. Quality imagery helps demonstrate that a company values professionalism and attention to detail, creating a more positive impression of the brand and its employees.
  • Brand Identity: Headshots create uniformity among company personnel and help to create a strong brand identity. As customers become familiar with the staff, they can build relationships with team members, which can lead to increased brand loyalty.
  • Credibility: Corporate headshots give people an opportunity to look their best, which can add credibility to their position in the organization. By appearing well-groomed, dressed appropriately, and having a confident facial expression, employees can easily make a great first impression on potential clients or customers. 
  • Authenticity: Corporate headshots should represent the company’s core values and mission. Quality imagery can convey to viewers that the company’s team is genuine, reliable, and trustworthy.


Choosing the right poses for your headshots can make or break your image as a professional individual. That’s why it’s so important to get it just right! Hopefully, this article has helpful tips on selecting the perfect poses for an unforgettable headshot! If you’re looking to get pro looking headshots, right from your cell phone, follow this LINK.