Your personally crafted Headshot from Headshots.tv,  is the best representation of you. Shooting your headshot is a unique opportunity to capture this one fleeting moment in your life. It’s a glimpse into your personality and a poignant occasion to express the charm that signifies you.

Whether you are an actor, model, musician or a business professional pursuing specific goals to accomplish in your respective industry, a headshot will be required, at some point in your career, as one aspect of showcasing your character.

We have compiled a few helpful tips to guide you through the headshot process – some of it may be “cheese” but it works:

  • Smile – we believe that you should smile because it’s a natural part of you, not because you have to. There are moments in your life to be serious and other moments in your life to be silly, especially for the camera. We will guide you through your expressions. Truly feel the smile. Smile for you, then send it to the camera!
  • Collaboration – the true form of successfully accomplishing something with another person or a team is to work together in synchronicity. Working with your photographer is critical, especially to bring out the best in you. Don’t hesitate to ask or offer creative ideas and suggestions.
  • Direction – you should be able to take direction. As we shoot your headshot, an organic part of the process is to change and shift your composure, your mood, your expression. More importantly, in order to really capture your essence, you have to sincerely become coachable and follow instructions as the shoot evolves.
  • Wardrobe – choosing the “right” outfit can make or break your headshot. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Obtaining “too many” opinions from friends and family about your wardrobe should not distract you. Keep the choices simple. We shoot headshots that help book talent, so the photographer will give you clear insight into which piece of wardrobe will work or not work.
  • Hair & Make-up – going over the various ways you wear your hair and make-up will help us determine the best suggestions to make, about the “look” to achieve. You want to look as natural as possible, with subtle accents of hair, and make-up to bring out your charm. A headshot session is not your typical glamour-portrait photo session, the kind you find in a mall or department store. Think natural.
  • Sleep – it is super important to get a solid night of sleep prior to your shoot. A restful feeling and a positive attitude will make a world of a difference during your photo session.
  • Food – remember to snack on a little food before your shoot. It is not a good idea to eat a heavy meal right before your session. We offer a free catered meal in some of the packages.
  • Simple – shooting your headshots should be simple. As you plan for your shoot, remind yourself of that little phrase – KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly!). Since sounding cliche is cool, we will also say “less is more” or  “make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler” or “simplicity means the achievement of maximum effect with minimum means!”
  • Fun – think positive. Think good energy. It’s your moment to  shine for the camera.